“Age in Place” is Possible for Many Metro Atlanta Homeowners

Here are some of the top reasons why remodeling your existing home beats selling it in today’s market allowing you to “age in place”.

  1. You L-O-V-E your home. Your home has both beautiful and bittersweet memories. It feels comfortable to you and your family even though your family dynamics may be changing. You have made it your own and the thought of uprooting and moving is overwhelming (which is usually the case).
  2. Your neighborhood is nicely situated near all your favorite stores and restaurants. You have your established friendships and relationships for your personal care needs and even club memberships nearby. PLUS, you know all the ways to manage your commute to work and you’re familiar with back roads to avoid traffic in general!
  3. You’ll likely experience stress getting your existing home ready to sell. Besides decluttering and packing, preparing your home to be in “good showing condition” can include more money than you’re willing to invest right now. Depending on your home’s age and any maintenance/replacements you’ve recently done, a realtor may tell you that in order to sell your home at your asking price you’ll need to fix or update structural and mechanical issues, update landscaping, do interior and exterior painting and make minor cosmetic changes – to name a few likely expenses involved in the home “prep”.
  4. You realize there is the added stress during the process of selling a house in the Atlanta market. While there’s a definite inventory shortage of homes for sales which many interpret as a “seller’s market”, in 2017 it took an average of 80 days to sell a home in Georgia according to Zillow. This fact dispels the hype you hear from realtors advertising they can “sell your home fast”. Remember also that when you sell your home, you may end up looking to buy another home in a “seller’s market”.
  5. You either refinanced or bought your home with a “low” mortgage interest rate which means you have an “affordable” house payment. If you sell your home, you may end up with a larger chunk of your budget to pay for your next home – even if you’re “downsizing” or “rightsizing”.

It really comes down to how much you value your present home, comfortable lifestyle and financial advantages.  Often times it makes sound financial sense to invest in your current home and enjoy an updated bathroom, kitchen or basement – all of which supports your decision to age in place.

Brownlow and Sons have worked with many homeowners in the metro Atlanta market who want to stay in their homes for as long as possible. We provided the right solutions to help make their existing homes more enjoyable, accommodating and safer with expert remodeling services. Brownlow and Sons have a full-time staff of experienced professionals who are ready to support you through the entire process of remodeling any room or area of your home. When we show up, you’ll experience a satisfying confidence that your remodeling crew is capable, reliable and trustworthy to deliver a high-quality job for you. Contact us to see how we can help make your existing home even more wonderful and live in it for as long as you want!