Aging in Place: Trendy and Timeless Kitchen Remodel Ideas

As you think about remodeling your existing kitchen or creating a whole new dream kitchen, be sure to include these trendy, but timeless design ideas.

For accessibility issues like reach and use, consider these design ideas…

  • Kitchen designs with strong horizontal lines are timeless. One way to achieve this look is to use horizontal cabinet pulls which are easier to reach and use than knobs or vertical hardware.
  • For almost effortless access, install cabinetry and appliances with drawers and doors that open and close with a gentle push. This creates another trendy, but timeless look using minimalism for a sleek and clean look.
  • Appliances and storage built in underneath the counters allow for access. Microwaves that are top load with drawers installed under the counters are safer and more convenient for people with reach limitations.

For safety and mobility issues, consider these design options in your kitchen remodeling plans…

  • LED lighting has evolved and it no longer gives your home an eerie, chilly look. As LED technology has improved, so its brightness illuminates kitchen workspaces and highlights special features in your kitchen. Plus, LED lights are more efficient and longer-lasting than halogen and fluorescent bulbs so they are low maintenance.
  • If you have an open concept where the flooring needs to flow, “wood like” floors give you both timeless design beauty plus durability and low maintenance. There is a wide variety of materials that look like hardwood flooring, but also offers slip resistance.

There are a growing number of products with “universal design” allowing you and someone with limited ability to use the same product with ease. With some design help from the experts at Brownlow and Sons, your kitchen will look and feel trendy, but still comfortable and safe for a person with physical limitations.

Since 1945, Brownlow and Sons have worked with many homeowners in the metro Atlanta area to increase the value of their homes with kitchen remodeling projects. Over the last several years, we included solutions to help make their existing kitchens and homes more enjoyable, accommodating and safer for aging in place. Brownlow and Sons have a full-time staff of experienced professionals who are ready to support you through the entire process of remodeling your kitchen. When we show up, you’ll experience a satisfying confidence that your remodeling crew is capable, reliable and trustworthy to deliver a high-quality job for you. Contact us to see how we can help make your existing home even more wonderful as you age in place.