Ups and Downs are Better Managed with a Residential Elevator

While it may seem like residential elevators are a recent trend, vertical movement of people and items within a home has been around for centuries. “Flying chairs” and dumbwaiters were often found in palaces and estate homes of royal families and the social elite as far back as the 1400’s.

In Brookhaven, Vinings and other Metro Atlanta neighborhoods, residential remodeling projects that include elevators are being managed by a team of experts at Brownlow and Sons for several reasons. Chuck Brownlow shares, “We work with people to design the space and install their residential elevators as part of ‘age in place’ planning, to accommodate a family member with a disability or to simply making vertical movement of people and things easier and more convenient. We’re working with customers who own houses, condos and townhomes.”

Chuck added, “For example, we are currently working with a couple in their late 60’s who liked the area where they were living and wanted to stay in their home for as long as possible. Our team is creating a new master bedroom, a grandchildren’s playroom and an elevator shaft as part of a home addition over a new garage for his prized sports car.”

Here’s an overview of how Brownlow and Sons helps customers who have decided they need an elevator in their homes:

  • Our expert architectures create the concept of space for the elevator in the remodeling design phase.
  • Our preferred elevator partner then presents the best options to our homeowner and us for an informed decision and project budget management.
  • Next, our design team updates the framing plans using job specific shaft dimensions and other engineering requirements as provided by our elevator partner.
  • After the elevator is installed at the appropriate time during the construction phase, an inspection is scheduled with the Safety Engineering section of Georgia’s Fire Marshal’s office to inspect the residential elevator BEFORE it’s used either by a builder or homeowner.

“Once the elevator passes the official inspection, we always recommend our customers set up an annual service agreement for maintenance and periodic safety checks. While residential elevators fall under the same code as commercial elevators, there is only one initial inspection done by a Georgia Safety Engineering Inspector,” Chuck explained. “Just as important, we encourage that all adults and children who live or visit the home become very familiar with how the elevator works for their own safety while using the elevator.”

Since 1945, Brownlow and Sons has worked with homeowners in the metro Atlanta market. Many of our clients have done multiple projects with us and referred their friends and family members to us. Brownlow and Sons has a full time staff of experienced architects and designs who are experts in home remodeling projects that include residential elevators. Contact us to discuss how we can help with your attic renovation project.