Two things to consider when you need to refinish and replace floors in your home

What’s the single most used thing in your home? Your kitchen sink? Your back door? Nope…it’s your flooring. Every day, all day you and anyone else moving around in your home is using some part of your home’s flooring. Let’s remember too that many of us have pets ambling and roaming across your floors to keep an eye on us as we move through our house.

Over the past 10 years, there has been a lot of innovation and improvements to make residential flooring more durable, easier to maintain and even safer. While flooring is a structural necessity, it’s also a significant part of your home’s design. No worries, there are plenty of options for materials, styles, patterns and colors to best suit your décor.

There are two important factors as you need to consider when planning to refinish or replace flooring in your home.

Your home’s age

The age of your home may very well reflect the current flooring trend of the time in which it was built. Homes in the metro Atlanta area range from vintage (100 years or older) to more recent construction in the last decade. Everyone knows to check for original hardwood floors under carpeting in older homes; however, there’s a limited number of times you can repair, sand and refinish hardwood.

Plus, no home should have old linoleum or vinyl flooring in their kitchens or bathrooms – especially if it dates back to the 70’s or 60’s. Discoloration, peeling, splitting and warping are all signs that wear and tear along with possible moisture has caused general deterioration and the flooring needs to be replaced.

For so many reasons, carpet is no longer a mainstay or a preference in our homes. With newer floor materials, clean-up is faster and you can better manage allergies and pet hair.

The people living in your home

Depending on who is traipsing in your home (and the number of pets), you could have a lot of traffic tromping on your floors resembling a daily commute in and around Atlanta.  Or maybe your home’s activity is a little less hectic and more like a Sunday morning drive.  For many of us, we have decided that we want to age in place or have a multi-generational family living under one roof. Mobility, accessibility and safety are all concerns when it comes to flooring and people who need to use a wheelchair or walker.

Newer engineered and waterproof laminate and luxury vinyl floors are practical and popular. This type of flooring is available in all types of natural tones, plank sizes and patterns. If you like the look of tile, then you can have wood-look planks in your kitchen and bathrooms where you have frequently have water or moisture. Basements with concrete sub-floors make it difficult and costly to install solid hardwood flooring, so these newer options give you a beautiful look and design element.

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