Home values are up. Now what? Three home remodeling scenarios…

As of October 2018 the average home sales price in Metro Atlanta was $324,000. This average home sales price is up 6.9% from 2018. For many of us, home ownership is the single best performing investment in recent years. So what should you do to capitalize on this valuable asset?

Here are three scenarios commonly experienced by homeowners:

  1. You have been in your home for years and it needs renovating.
  2. Your family no longer fits in your home and it needs renovating.
  3. You plan to age in place in your home and it needs renovating.

It’s a fact. Remodeling your kitchen, bathrooms and basements increase the market value of your home. Increasing your property value is one good reason to remodel or renovate. And you should start with your master bathroom.

Remodeling a master bathroom ranks in the top cost to value projects. Start with replacing outdated and worn fixtures, fittings, cabinets and flooring. This list checks off all the best improvements to make your bathroom look, feel and function like new.

Are you planning to age in place or an aging loved one is living with you? A bathroom remodeling project using “universal” design is a necessary and valuable investment. Universal design allows for functionality for everyone while providing accessibility, safety and mobility. Be sure to read more on this topic.

No matter which scenario fits with your current situation, increasing the property value of your home is not the only reason to remodel or renovate. Consider the “heart” value of your home that is measured by enjoyment, livability and comfort. Creating livable space in your basement or attic to accommodate all your family members is an important investment. These home remodeling projects still add property value, too.

Since 1945, Brownlow and Sons have worked with homeowners in the metro Atlanta market. Many of our clients have done several projects with us and refer their friends and family members to us. We are the experts to make your existing home more valuable, enjoyable and accommodating. Our full-time staff of professionals are ready to support you through your next remodeling project. You can be confident that your remodeling crew is capable, reliable and trustworthy.  Contact us to discuss how we can help with your home renovation project.