Main floor bedroom and ensuite bath renovations bring enjoyment, new purpose and value

You may own a home in and around Atlanta that was built before the very popular “master on the main” concept was widely available in floorplans. Renovating your downstairs to include a bedroom and ensuite bathroom on the main floor is definitely worth the investment for three reasons.

Your enjoyment now.

The “enjoy now” reason for any home remodeling project is very important. Your use of the new space has options such as home office, workout room, den or hobby room. Of course, you can use it as a guest room especially if you having aging parents or family members with disabilities who are able to visit you for an overnight stay. They will more comfortable on the main floor and you can enjoy their visit without stressing over how they’ll manage the stairs!

Usefulness and purpose later as you age in place.

Like the majority of people, you want to remain in your beautiful and beloved metro Atlanta home for as long as possible as you age. This is becoming a norm since we’re able to maintain good health and mobility despite getting older. There are emotional, relational and financial benefits for aging in place; however, it does require planning and home renovations which leads us to the next reason.

The value created when it comes time to sell.

Having an expert team design and complete the remodeling project is the only way to assure yourself of the value it will bring when the home is sold. Because there are so many options that have universal design, your hardware, lighting, fittings and fixtures in your new bedroom and ensuite do not need to scream elderly or utility. The design professionals at Brownlow and Sons take a “universal design” approach to renovate your home for aging in place. This means recommending and installing all the necessary items and features that can be used and are accessible by any person regardless of their level of physical ability or disability. One of the most important attributes of universal design is that usability and aesthetics are mutually compatible. We’ll make sure all your renovation details are functional and beautiful at the same time.

Let us help you get started on a main floor bedroom and ensuite bathroom. We’ve been providing professional remodeling with personalized attention for our Atlanta-area neighbors since 1945. You’ll work with our permanent, full-time team of seasoned experts and professionals to take your home remodeling project from conception to completion. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.