Get help with smaller projects while you’re remodeling or painting.

Is there ever a good time for you to get those “little” projects done around the house? You know the ones you or your spouse have been putting off like fixing a leaky faucet, adjusting a door jamb so a door actually closes or installing a new light fixture to update the look of your kitchen. Sometimes life is just too busy to get everything done. Here’s some time and cost saving advice to get those “need-to-do” items off your to-do list!

When you’re planning to have licensed, skilled and trained professionals in your house taking care of a bigger remodeling or renovation project it makes sense for you to discuss a list of smaller repairs or upgrades with your contractor BEFORE the crews show up.  You will likely be very surprised at how affordable the cost will be since the experts are already at your house. The cost of having a crew working at your location is a significant part of your overall remodeling or renovation project cost.

Pre-planning is essential to have your smaller repairs and simple upgrades done while your home is being remodeled. Once you and your contractor agree on the additional items and the cost, then the work can be coordinated as part of the bigger project schedule and logistics. Some of the work we’ve done in the past include getting a sliding door back on its tracks; rekeying exterior door locks so one key fits all; and even adding a dimmer switch to a ceiling light.

Your contractor or one of their crew managers may even suggest a small repair or update once your remodeling project is underway. If you trust them enough to have them work on the bigger project, it’s important to consider the additional work being suggested. For example, you’re having your master bathroom floor replaced and the contractor suggests you replace the older toilet. It will save you time and money to go ahead and have the crew install a new toilet while the flooring is being replaced.

With Brownlow and Sons, your project doesn’t have to be a big job to get some help on smaller jobs while we’re at your home. When one of our project managers will be at your home anyway, make a to-do list (for example, take that old grill away in an empty truck) and we’ll let you know what will be cost effective to do while we’re already there. Contact us today for more ideas to maximize getting more done during your home painting project or remodeling.