Stop procrastinating…there’s a “dream come true” in your unfinished basement!

You’ve seen pictures online and in magazines of before and after basement renovations that show really cool entertainment areas or expanded living space for in-law suites, personal hobbies and gyms. Maybe, you’ve experienced a pang of “basement envy” after spending time in a friend’s beautifully finished underground space.

Even with all the remarkable results, basement renovations are one the most commonly put off home remodeling projects. Why do basements come in last? Let’s talk about two primary reasons homeowners may procrastinate and how to resolve the dilemmas.

People have great ideas on how they want to use their basements differently, but have no clue how to handle the complexities and pass building code inspections to make their dream space a safe and functional reality. Taking the time to work with a designer or architect is a critical step in a successful basement renovation project. With expert help, you’ll get the best possible project plan to meet your expectations with an agreed upon completion date and according to your budget. Too often we hear from people who still have unfinished basements because they hired contractors, but didn’t provide them a project plan or a pre-defined budget for them to manage the work. Cost overruns and incomplete work are painful experiences and can be avoided by working with a designer or architect BEFORE your project starts.

Next, many basements need waterproofing and homeowners don’t realize there are several options to get and maintain dryness. Some are more affordable than others while still being very effective. Most modern systems today are interior waterproofing systems. Using dehumidifiers and pumps are also effective in removing moisture and removing any water seepage. Well done basement renovations often have a very high rate of return on cost to value. Hiring an experienced waterproofing professional who can recommend options to protect your foundation and remodel project investment is critical.

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