Sanctuary, storage or bedroom suite…imagine it in your attic!

Remember when we were children playing in an attic filled with family treasures, holiday collections and possibly some odd heirlooms? The attic became a world of its own and a young mind could wander to places only limited by their imagination. Because so many homes in and around Atlanta have pitched roofs (think Victorian or Colonial style architecture), there are a lot of existing attics waiting to be explored. One of the most common uses of attics is for storage, but using your adult imagination you’ve likely thought about how to improve your attic storage or what else your attic space could become.

Many of our clients who renovated their attics did so for two primary reasons.

  1. Improve the organization of the storage space and create better climate controls to protect what’s being stored.
  2. Convert the storage space into living space. Some homeowners even had enough footage to have both storage and new living space.

Attic renovations may involve complex structural, utility, insulation and ventilation issues. Any attic renovation project needs to have a thorough and professionally done structural assessment and pre-inspection. There are building codes mandated and permits required for most attic remodeling projects to minimize your risk as a homeowner and to ensure the safety of anyone working to make your improvements.

Planning out your attic space to optimize it also requires skilled expertise from an architectural design professional. If your plan is to have better organized storage with shelving, cabinets or stackable units, be sure to also consider climate and pest control to protect your personal items and family treasures. Heat, humidity and critters can do substantial damage to almost anything you plan to store in your attic.

Now, if you’re imagining (or needing) additional living space, there are both practical and personal inspirations for a converted attic. Perhaps you’ve always wanted a studio, hobby room or home office that gives you a sanctuary to be in your own element. Maybe your family dynamics are changing and you need to better accommodate your growing children to give them their own hang out place (and you some reclaimed sanity). Or when an aging parent needs to move in and requires a main level bedroom, moving someone in the family up may be the best solution. A bedroom or “loft” suite in an attic is ideal to create additional living space for any of these needs or changes.

Since 1945, Brownlow and Sons have worked with homeowners in the metro Atlanta market. Many of our clients have done multiple projects with us and referred their friends and family members to us. We provide expert solutions to help make existing homes more enjoyable and accommodating. Brownlow and Sons have a full-time staff of experienced professionals who are ready to support you through the entire process of remodeling your attic space. When we show up, you’ll experience a satisfying confidence that your remodeling crew is capable, reliable and trustworthy to deliver a high quality job for you. Contact us to discuss how we can help with your attic renovation project.