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Are you suffering from KENVY – Kitchen Remodel Envy?

Envy in and of itself is an unhealthy and undesirable character trait. But when it serves as inspiration and motivation to improve and upgrade your kitchen, envy brings positive changes! You spend a significant amount of time in the kitchen, let us help you make it more enjoyable and efficient. Here are the top three…

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Cheap and Fast are Good for Burger and Fries but NOT for Your Home’s Exterior Paint Job

Homeowners in Metro Atlanta often underestimate the amount of work and skills required to complete a residential exterior paint job – especially if you have an older home and its exterior paint may contain lead since this toxic metal was not banned until 1978. According to Neighborhoodscout.com*, almost 60% of the homes in the Metro…

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Aging In Place: Three Stories and Three Issues

For over a decade now, “aging in place” has become a long-running trend of home remodeling projects and even part of pre-retirement planning. According to an AARP survey, 90% of adults surveyed in the United States stated they want to remain independent and in their homes for as long as is reasonably possible. And we’re…

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What’s hiding in your basement?

If you’ve been considering a basement renovation, let’s FIRST talk about what’s already down there. Your basement is a structural part of your home’s foundation – hiding in plain sight! Before any remodeling work starts, the existing walls and flooring must be dry with no hidden mold or mildew. Look for any moisture or condensation…

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