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What’s hiding in your basement?

If you’ve been considering a basement renovation, let’s FIRST talk about what’s already down there. Your basement is a structural part of your home’s foundation – hiding in plain sight! Before any remodeling work starts, the existing walls and flooring must be dry with no hidden mold or mildew. Look for any moisture or condensation…

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Stop procrastinating…there’s a “dream come true” in your unfinished basement!

You’ve seen pictures online and in magazines of before and after basement renovations that show really cool entertainment areas or expanded living space for in-law suites, personal hobbies and gyms. Maybe, you’ve experienced a pang of “basement envy” after spending time in a friend’s beautifully finished underground space. Even with all the remarkable results, basement…

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The remodeling gift that keeps on giving!

Too often, the last rooms in a “forever home” to be updated are the bathrooms! Here are the top reasons to plan a master bathroom or guest bathroom remodeling project during the winter months and give yourself the long-lasting gift of a beautifully renovated space. Your existing lighting, cabinetry, sinks and hardware are from the…

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Small Projects To Do When Remodeling

Get smaller projects off your “to-do” list while we’re already there Is there ever a good time for you to get those “little” projects done around the house? You know the ones you or your spouse have been putting off like fixing a leaky faucet, adjusting a door jamb so a door actually closes or…

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